Leadership Team

Our executive leadership team’s depth and breadth of experience are matched only by their passion for LINKBANK’s mission to deliver exceptional client solutions while dignifying every person and their investment.

committed to provide.

At LINKBANK, our executive leadership team brings a wealth of expertise and a profound commitment to fulfilling our mission of providing outstanding client solutions to our community with the utmost respect. With a combination of extensive experience and unwavering passion, our leaders are dedicated to driving excellence and delivering exceptional results. 

Together, we strive to exceed our client expectations, create meaningful relationships, and provide unparalleled banking solutions that make a positive impact in the lives of our clients and communities.

The Team:

Andrew Samuel
Chief Executive Officer, LINKBANK

Carl Lundblad
Executive Vice President, LINKBANK

Brent Smith
President, LINKBANK
Executive Vice President, LINKBANCORP, INC

Tiffanie Horton
Chief Credit Officer, LINKBANK

Kristofer Paul
Chief Financial Officer, LINKBANCORP, INC

Dee Bonora
Chief Operations and Technology Officer, LINKBANK

Catherine Eisel
Chief Risk Officer, LINKBANK

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