Fraud Prevention Services

fraud and prevention is a top priority for businesses.

That is why we offer a range of protection services to help your company from fraudulent activities, including:

Check & ACH Positive Pay a provides an added layer of enhanced security, peace of mind knowing your transactions are monitored and verified and cost savings keeping your finances secure and stable. Check Positive Pay helps prevent fraudulent checks from being cashed, saving your business time and money. ACH Positive Pay prevents businesses’ unauthorized ACH transactions from being processed.
ACH services are an essential part of daily business that helps to streamline your payment processing, reducing the administrative burden. Our ACH payment process allows you to securely send and receive payments electronically.

Benefits of ACH:
  • Reduce time and expense associated with manual payment processing
  • Improve cash flow management with faster settlement times
  • Enhance accuracy and reduce errors
  • Increase convenience and flexibility for you and your clients and vendors.
A LOC (Line of Credit) is a service offered to help optimize your cash flow by automatically transferring funds between accounts to minimize interest expense on a line of credit.
A ZBA is a convenient way for businesses to manage cash flow and streamline banking operations. The treasury management service offers to help businesses optimize cash flow by automatically transferring funds between accounts, ensuring the balance of each account remains at zero. This helps businesses perfect their cash flow, reduce idle balances, and avoid overdrafts or insufficient funds.