Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

Positively impacting people’s lives.

Vision Statement

To be the best bank.

Value Statement

LINKBANK is committed to attracting and retaining employees who are passionate about pursuing excellence.

Our Foundation

At LINKBANK, we believe the difference is in our people. By living out our core values with enthusiasm every day and in every interaction, we know we will make a positive impact on our colleagues, clients, communities, and shareholders.

The Four Links to Success

  • Passion for what you do — appreciation for your work.
  • Value each task and its contribution to the whole.
  • Generously give of yourself to the benefit of others.
  • Do what you say you’re going to do.
  • Do what is right without compromise.
  • Be truthful and trustworthy.

  • Pursuit of authentic relationships.
  • Communicate clearly and genuinely.
  • Approach each and every situation with generous assumptions.
  • The beginning of knowledge is the pursuit of excellence.
  • Seek to listen first.
  • Self-awareness is the conduit to self-improvement.

Relationship Standards

  1. Be loyal at all times.
  2. Power under vs. power over.
  3. Embrace the person, not the position.
  4. Dignify all people and contributions.
  5. Be engaged to influence and encourage.
  6. Excellence, not perfection.
  7. Live joyfully.


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